A simple and secure payment solution for your marketplace

AgoraPay allows you to more readily manage your company and frees up your time to better focus on your core business.

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Payment flow management for your online platform

You can count on AgoraPay’s team for your business’ compliance and security needs.
Manage your transactions from a single portal or through APIs (cancellations, refunds and more).
Set up your own rules for payment flow management.
Hold funds
Hold funds
The values shown in this schema are for illustrative purposes only.

Accept payments from your clients for their purchases

Offer your clients a payment page adapted to their purchasing habits.

Funds held in total security and in compliance with regulations

Funds held in France and payments broken down automatically according to defined rules.

Schedule payment orders to your merchants

Set up and make payments to your merchants' accounts with complete control.

Your funds are available at any time
Request refunds or cancel orders
Manage your unspent balance and vouchers with our dedicated APIs


AgoraPay meets all French and European regulations regarding anti-money laundering laws and the fight against financing terrorism (AML – FT) to make your business compliant and gives you full protection against fraud and illegal activities.


Benefit from years of KYC (Know Your Customer) expertise acquired by a major, well-established banking group.


Easily enrol your new merchants and automate sending required documents using AgoraPay APIs. See the list of documents required to complete the KYC process here.

Easily compose your offer using AgoraPay modularity

Choose the right AgoraPay services and external solutions according to your needs

Pay-In: Make your French1, European2 and international3 business goals a reality

Use payment methods that are suited to your business and grow your sales with a modern, customised and intuitive payment page.4

Direct debits

Accept payments via the two biggest payment card networks in the world: Visa and MasterCard. Allow your clients to pay using the CB (Carte Bleue) network, France’s leading internet payment provider.

Speed up the management of your SEPA payments in a secure environment with irrevocable transfers completed in less than 10 seconds up to a €15,000 limit per transaction (as per EU regulations).

Receive regular payments (subscription type) within the Euro zone. Direct debit mandates with integrated electronic signatures.

Offer your clients different ways to pay by card

  • Immediate or delayed debit
  • One-click payments
  • Instalment payments
  • Payment by subscription
  • Recurring payments

Automate and simplify account reconciliation to manage your cash flow with virtual IBANs

AgoraPay issues virtual IBANs that allow you to effortlessly automate and simplify the financial reconciliation of your payment flows. There is no need for the buyer to enter any additional reference information thanks to a unique and tamper-proof IBAN attached to each purchase.

A virtual IBAN prevents errors and secures your payments.

Offer your clients a simple and seamless payment process by transfer, with payment initiation

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Pay-Out: Enjoy features tailored to your needs

Automate all or part of your payment flows

Improve productivity and simplify your business management.

Instant Payout: speed up funds availability for your merchants

Allow your merchants to receive instant funds transfers and optimise their cash management.

Track your performance with a single platform updated in real-time

Vendor verification progress
Transaction monitoring
Dispute management
View payment accounts
  • Vendor verification progress
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Dispute management
  • View payment accounts
vendor dashboard AgoraPay
Mobile dashboard agorapay
Optez pour la sérénité
Optez pour la sérénité

Choose peace of mind by letting the experts at AgoraPay manage your payments

Benefit from our top-notch service with IT infrastructures based in France and the expertise of a major banking group in terms of payment security and compliance.

  • Offer the greatest security for you and your clients by complying with the PCI DSS level 1 standard certification.
  • Integrate 3D Secure v2 protocol in compliance with French and European regulations using Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
  • AgoraPay hosting and data protection is GDPR compliant.

Integration: an in-house API specially designed for developers

Easily integrate the AgoraPay solution

Access our developer workspace and main code libraries (PHP, Python, JavaScript, NODE.JS) along with a test environment that simplifies and accelerates solution integration. Uses Swagger to analyse, generate and document APIs for maximum convenience.

Technical support is always available

AgoraPay’s technical support is standing by to help with your implementation, test and production phases.

Integrate AgoraPay with other solutions

Keep your marketplace partners and turn your integration projects over to AgoraPay's teams of developers. AgoraPay seamlessly interfaces with other payment service providers5, external buyers or marketplace developers.


const CAPSPayment = require("CAPSPayment")
const Payin = new CAPSPayment.Payin(config, jwtToken);

const payload = {
orderId: orderId,
transactionId: transactionId,
transactionAmount: amount,
breakdownList: breakdown

const response = Payin.payment_methods(payload);
const transactionID = response.data.transactionID
from api import TGPaymentAPI
from api_payin import ApiPayin

api_request = ApiPayin(config, jwt_token)

payload = {
"orderId": orderId,
"transactionId": transactionId,
"transactionAmount": amount,
"breakdownList": breakdown

response = api_request.capture(payload)
transactionId = response.get("transactionId","")

Quickly find the answer to your questions

How much does it cost to use AgoraPay?

AgoraPay costs 1.5% + €0.20 (excl. VAT) per card transaction within the EEA. The 1.5% fee can be broken down into 1.2% for acquisition processing and 0.3% for AgoraPay services. For more information about our pricing, please contact us. Other payment methods are explained here. No installation fee or monthly fee. The charge for new merchant enrolment is €10 (excl. VAT). You pay only for your usage, with no minimum fee. Prices are subject to change in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in your contract.

Are there any additional fees for using the platform?

No. There are no additional fees. In the event of non-payment, any fees associated with handling the dispute may apply. For more information, please contact us.

Can I receive rate offers based on the transaction volume adapted to my business?

Please contact us for a customised estimate.

What is an SCT?

It’s a SEPA Credit Transfer that uses a virtual IBAN that serves as a reference to collect funds.

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