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With AgoraPay, you have access to two different types of accounts for managing funds:

  • Your company account
  • Your merchants accounts

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The company account represents your core business activity within AgoraPay. The portal platform accounts section gives you access to a detailed explanation of your sub-accounts so you can manage your marketplace's accounts:

  • The principal account is the account allowing you access to the various operations carried out on your marketplace
  • The commission account is the account that displays all the commissions you will be receiving (from your vendors) or paying (to CAPS)
  • The voucher account is the account that displays all the operations linked to vouchers issued. To make it work, this account must be pre-funded through a recharge operation
  • The remaining funds account is the liable account that lists all the remaining funds from your operations
  • The suspense account is the account that contains the transactions the system cannot match with a correct entry

Your IBAN will be connected to these accounts to facilitate the operations. The company account is where you configure the payment methods and manage automatic payouts.

With your company account, you will be able to initiate actions such as manual payout, automatic payout, adding a new IBAN, making a transfer and you will have a global view of your account's summary and activity.

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The merchant accounts are the second type of accounts available on the platform. They are the vendor’s accounts you have onboarded on your marketplace. Visit the vendor portail section to discover the capabilities available to help you monitor their activity.