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Developer onboarding Copy section link Copied!

Before starting to implement your marketplace with AgoraPay, follow these steps to get onboarded:

Step 1. Create your AgoraPay account Copy section link Copied!

To register for an AgoraPay account, you need to contact the AgoraPay team. Once your request has been accepted, you will be assigned an implementation manager who will guide you through the onboarding process.

To get onboarded, your organization key account holder will be in charge of providing you the appropriate access rights from the portal. You will then have access to your private marketplace portal, where you can manage everything related to your AgoraPay account.

You can learn more about the portal in the dedicated section of this documentation.

Step 2. Get your developer account details Copy section link Copied!

As part of your onboarding process, your implementation manager will provide you with the information needed to start using the API and make your first payment requests.

Marketplace settings Copy section link Copied!

The marketplace settings include the following elements :

  • AgoraPay API Endpoint
  • AgoraPay API Credentials
  • Webhook
  • Marketplace Accounts
  • Vendor Accounts
  • Marketplace Payment Methods

For the webhook settings, you have to send your HOOK_URL to the AgoraPay implementation manager. You can expose a single webhook URL or one webhook URL per notification type. For each HOOK_URL endpoint, you will receive an HOOK_KEY_ID and HOOK_HMAC_KEY. Please note that the process can take between two to five business days.

Payment methods testing Copy section link Copied!

To test your payment implementation for each supported payment method, your implementation manage will provide testing payment methods, including:

  • Credit-card
  • IBAN

Step 3. Install the SDK library Copy section link Copied!

We recommend that you use the AgoraPay SDK to connect your marketplace with AgoraPay's API rather than using the REST API. The SDK library is always up-to-date and allows you to more efficiently integrate with AgoraPay.

The integration examples provide libraries in the following languages:

  • Python
  • Node
  • Php

Additional languages like Ruby will be delivered over time.

Step 4. Choose an implementation Copy section link Copied!

There are 2 ways to integrate AgoraPay online payments :

  • Through the API only, which gives you full control over the user-experience
  • The iFrame drop-in system, which is faster and easier but less customisable

Once you have chosen your solution, you can check the AgoraPay integration examples to start your payment acceptance implementation.

Note that the drop-in system that simplifies your integration doesn't entirely remove the need to implement the AgoraPay API.