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With AgoraPay you will be able to configure and manage your core business through an intuitive portal. In this part of the documentation you will get to know the AgoraPay portal's capabilities and how to use them to efficiently run your business on a daily basis.

Through the Transactions portal, you can get a real time overview of all your transactions, which can be payments, internal transfers, payouts, refunds, unpaid transactions or reloads, allowing you to monitor all your daily operations.

Through the Platform accounts portal, you can get a summary of your finances through your main account, commissions accounts, voucher accounts, remaining funds account, all those accounts on one dedicated screen, allowing you to track your finances at a glance.

Through the Vendors portal, you can manage your vendors, get access to their profiles, their onboarding status, the actions to be processed for their acceptance and add them manually or through a link.

A wide range of actions to make sure the correct actions are performed at the right moment.

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The sections above are the functionalities currently available on the AgoraPay portal. Additional capabilities will be released soon.