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Recurring payments can be made by registering the shopper’s payment details for a future transaction. Recurring payments are available for all payment methods. The marketplace must send a new request for every new debit period.

Please refer to payment process flows here to understand the flow pre-requisites.

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For a card payment, when you set the registerAlias parameter in your /payin/payment/ request, an alias is generated for the card used for the transaction. You then retrieve this alias for future transactions from the paymentMethodList object in response to the /payin/paymentMethods request.

As described in the Recurring credit-card payment diagram, you have 2 ways to reuse a payment and skip the /payin/paymentMethods request:

  • Pass the alias in the aliasId parameter in /payin/payment requests
  • Pass the transactionID of a previous authorisation request.

Making a recurring card payment from an existing authorisation doesn't guarantee the payment: because AgoraPay revalidates the authorisation at each payment intent, there is a possibility that the new authorisation fails.

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For an SDD payment, you must always provide the account IBAN and the holder's name. This information is passed through the details object of the /payin/payment request. You also need to specify the sequence for the mandate:

  • FRST: First use of recurrent mandate.
  • RCUR: Use of recurrent mandate.
  • FNAL: Last use of recurrent mandate. It must be used to deactivate a mandate.
  • OOFF: Mandate used only one time.

The response will provide you with a reference, which you can use for future /payin/payment requests.

Recurring SDD payments are submitted to restrictions:

  • Each payment must be associated to the same payer and the same order reference.
  • If the payment is linked to 2 different orders, a new mandate must be generated with its own reference.

A recurring mandate which has not been used for 36 months after the last payment (independently of its status) becomes inactive.

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For an SCT payment, a virtual IBAN is returned by the /payin/payment request. You can reuse this virtual reference in a subsequent SCT payment by passing it in the details.iban. The IBAN can be reused only if the payerRef and the orderReference are the same as the initial payment.