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Vendor's onboarding Copy section link Copied!

You can onboard two types of vendors in your marketplace platform, individual or business.

This page describes the onboarding process for each type.

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The onboarding process takes place in 3 main steps:

  1. Create a vendor - The Vendor's required information is sent to AgoraPay by the Marketplace through the accountHolder/register API
  2. Manage account agreement - The Vendor digitally signs an account agreement sent directly by AgoraPay
  3. Validate a vendor payment account - Required documentation is sent to AgoraPay by the Marketplace for KYC through the accountHolder/uploadDocument API

The Vendor's complete onboarding is validated or refused after KYC, screening and scoring by AgoraPay.

The following sections describe the complete process through the accountHolder API. However, you can also create a Vendor and validate a Vendor Payment Account through AgoraPay back-office. Check the detailed procedure here.

Vendor legal entity types Copy section link Copied!

AgoraPay supports the onboarding of many different legal entity types:


  • Individual entrepreneur and self-employed
  • Non-profit organisation (Association)
  • French company (SARL, SAS, SA, SNC, SCA, GIE, SCS, EURL)
  • Foreign company
  • Cooperative


  • An individual

Required documentation and KYC Copy section link Copied!

Individual and Business vendors need to provide valid identity documentation to go through the KYC process. The following documents are supported:

  • Proof of Identity (i.e. National Identity Card or Passport)
  • Company documentation
  • Bank account information (i.e IBAN)

Check the complete guide to understand how to manage the documentation validation process for each Vendor based on their business legal type.

Note this list of required documentation can be updated without notice and your vendors could be required to give additional information to re-validate their account.

Checkout the full required KYC information

Request cancellation Copy section link Copied!

There are few cases when a creation request can be deleted or cancelled:

  • You can cancel a vendor request if it is considered to be obsolete
  • If there is a mistake in the legal type of the company or an update (change to the legal type) or that a company register number (SIRET) is already used, you can close the request and open a new one

You can use the registrationCancel API to cancel a request.

See how to manage it here from the API.