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How to navigate within the platform accounts section Copy section link Copied!

You can access the platform accounts section by clicking on the side menu and "platform account". You will then access the main screen which shows all the possible types of account:

  • Principal account
  • Commission account
  • Suspense account
  • Remaining funds
  • Voucher account

Each of these accounts will display the following elements:

  • The account type (with IBAN and card number hidden)
  • The Payout mode (auto or manual)
  • The money available for a payout
  • The total amount in the account
  • The ongoing payouts

By clicking on one of these accounts, you will access the page for the account selected, on which you will be able to access your account details.

This information will be displayed in 3 sections:

  • The history, which only takes into account completed transactions with the “cashed” status. The history view is sorted chronologically, for each operation line you can find:
    • The third party involved (counterpart)
    • The operation type and its reference
    • The operation date
    • The operation status
    • The amount
  • The processing section displays all the transactions not yet cashed, transactions that have the “registered” or “waiting” status. You can also use the period filter to help give you an overview of a specific period.
  • The bank account section displays all the bank accounts linked to your account.